I only discovered this fruit a few years ago in my parents backyard and now I patiently wait each year until spring to climb their tree and stuff my face with loquats. This small fruit tree is a sweet treat that is best eaten straight from the tree. The skin is tough so you can peel them but I just bite them open and eat the inside. I’ve seen recipes for loquat jam but since they are so small, need to be peeled, and have 2-3 large brown seeds it sounds like a lot of work! Loquats blemish and oxidize quickly which is why I assume I rarely see them at the grocery store but I have spotted them at the local farmers market! They are also very nutritious, high in carotenoids, folate, B6, potassium, magnesium and manganese. Now that I’ve discovered them I see the trees all over my neighborhood. Hopefully, you are lucky enough to have a friendly neighbor that will share their bounty, they are incredibly delicious!!

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